Thanks for joining us on the morning blend. Diana cotton is back with us from Radon Delete thanks for being here. Radon Awareness Week is the third week of October, but some people are saying, what is radon? Hmmm, so what is it? Yeah, radon is an environmental health threat. It’s the number one environmental health threat. It is a known carcinogen. It’s a gas that forms underground and can seep up into homes. It is also the number one cause of lung cancer and non-smokers. Wow yeah, that’s a remarkable statistic. Yeah, so you don’t know it’s there, though, right. So you don’t know what’s there until you test it for Radon Awareness Week. We have the test kits that we’re selling for $5. The proceeds are going to camps, which is a charity that helps page our victims of radon. And it helps them. It also helps raise awareness because people don’t know precisely what radon is. So let’s talk a little bit more about those health threats that radon poses. You mentioned that it is the number one cause of lung cancer and non-smoking. That’s, yes yeah, the number one cause of cancer for non-smokers. There are also links between radon gas and blood cancers and women and leukemia and children. And then as of recently, there have been studies the University of North Dakota had put out a study where they showed levels of radon in patients of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. They have 10% more radon levels while in their brains. It is staggering how people can be protected from radon gas, so there’s a radon mitigation system you can have installed, and it will remove the radon from under the foundation’s home before it has a chance to creep into the home.

Okay, so we can buy test kits and put them in the basement or wherever in your home the lowest level of your homework, and we purchase them so you can purchase them by calling (859) 629-8495 we have them there. They’re straightforward to use, especially considering it saves a life. So even more so to say it’s cost-effective and straightforward, and you basically would set this test kit in your basement for three days, and then you send it right in through the mail to the lab, and then the lab will have the results for you in about three to five days after that. You can go online to get your results. They will also mail you a letter. Okay, and quickly, do we need to be concerned about radon and other places besides the home any building any structure home building schools offices. So encourage your workplace to get a test kit as well. Okay, well, thank you so much for teaching us all about radon. That is all our time for now in the morning. We’ll have all the information on our website and Facebook page for you as well. Thanks so much for joining us and making it great.