January is Radon Awareness Month. Joining us today is Diana Cotton from Radon Delete. It’s always good to see you; yes, it’s good to be back. And this is important because, as we’ve learned, radon is everywhere, but it can be really dangerous in excessive amounts. Correct, correct, so this is right on awareness, or some people say radon action month because you have to take action. So yes, an excessive ETA says a level of 3.9 and lower is okay, so higher than that, you need to do something about it. The world health organization says 2.7 and lower is okay, but ultimately you need to test, and that’s what the month is set aside for. And radon is like a naturally occurring dad, yes so it’s a naturally occurring gas it is a number two cause of lung cancer second only to smoking. And so there they say there are twenty-one thousand reasons that cause lung cancer deaths a year, and so it’s one of those things with those little-known evils that people don’t know about. How do we become exposed to it but I know it’s everywhere, but the night you know right, so right on essential radon is the breakdown of uranium in rock and soil that’s in-ground. And so over time, it breaks down and seeps through the grass to the ground if the ground is porous enough for it to get through; otherwise, it will find the path of least resistance which is usually a path to a foundation of a home. And then it will see into the cracks and crevices of the foundation of the home and wear it then goes through and maniacally inhaled and. So how do we find out if we’ve been exposed so there yep there’s a simple DIY test kit we are currently selling them for five dollars at Radon Delete you can also go to 911 radon calm and that will the proceeds of the five dollars a month or 55 how is it basket the proceeds go to campfire which is a charity that helps to support lung cancer victims and bring awareness. You know how often we have to test, so you need to test every two years. Of course, testing more when in the winter months, especially in the northern states, you want to test more cuz you’re going to have more snow on the ground for a longer amount of time, but yeah, every two years. Okay, and now is the time, so what if the results come back positive? What do we do? Yep so? If your results come back above that safety level you want to call, we can call Radon Delete at one eight hundred no radon, and we can give you a price for our systems which are generally between 700 and a thousand dollars. Okay, it’s good and from Latin, and I mean five dollars to test to make sure your family is safe and well worth it. It is minor, sir. That is all our time for now in the morning. Thanks so much for joining us. Make it a great day. We will see you next time.