Thanks for joining us on the blend. We have Diana cotton and Joe Jolina here with us today from the Radon Delete environment. Thanks for joining us, so let’s go over what um breed of gases and how it gets into homes and buildings. Yeah, so radon gas is the number one environmental health threat. It is also the number one cause of lung cancer and non-smokers. Wow, and so I’m. It is colorless. There’s no sense in taste, so you don’t know if it’s in your home unless you test. Right, and that’s the only way we find out if it is interval yes so the only way you know if it’s in your home’s if you test it is in all homes there’s a certain level that is safe and not safe the only way to know is to test right now for radon awareness week we are selling those tests for five dollars. Okay, and Joe, when is ray down Awareness Week, and what is swot environmental doing in recognition of this week but right on, Awareness Week is the third week of October over here. Radon Delete is doing a program where individuals can purchase radon test kits for five dollars. The five dollars will be donated to an organization called cancer, and that organization provides awareness and services, and support to victims of cancer caused by right on. Okay, now how do you use these test kits? Can you show us test kits are very, very simple?

The test kit will come in a package that looks like this, and if you open it up, you need to fill out your name, address, and phone number. You need to do the date the time of when it happens. And you then open up the test kit. You will get a phone cover you open and put it in there you then take and hang it in your lowest level of your host okay and in three days you take it down take out the foam seal this up time and date of when it ended mail it in. That is easy, and it could be life-saving. Life-saving. Wow, okay, and if the results come back, hi, what’s the next step? When the results come back, you then want to call Radon Delete, so I found numbers 1 800 no right on you’ll be directed to the office closest to you. We will give you a price or it over the phone. We can schedule it right over the phone as well for a radon mitigation system. Then the systems are pretty simple, but they are a necessity in homes with high levels. Absolutely. And so your technician will come in. It will install the system to remove the radon from under the home before it gets in there, and you can potentially save lives. Alright, well, thank you so much great information today. That is all our time for now on the morning blend.