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Crawl Sapce Insulation

Crestwood Ky Home Inspection

On the last Crestwood Ky home inspection-the home was built on a crawl space.  No scary creatures in this crawl space- and overall a nice ‘clean’ crawl area but it had one issue- falling insulation.  Many home owners put insulation on the walls of the crawl space to help insulate the above conditioned space.  This can help make the crawl space ‘warmer’ in the winter and can help reduce energy use it needs to be intalled correctly.

In this crawl the home owner did not secure the insulation well.  This is an easy fix- but if left unchecked the insulation can become moist laying on the ground.  If you have a crawl space and it is insulated occasionally look into the space to make sure the insulation stays in place.
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